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Commercial Services

Full Service Facility Management

Facility Services for Commercial Properties

We recognize that the physical property your business owns, leases, or rents is one of your most valuable assets. The property must look presentable and adhere to brand standards. The inside of the building must be functional for the safety and productivity of the workforce and team members. All work done on the property must be done cost effectively, with a strict budget in mind.

Quality & Consistency

Whether you manage a small business, a medical facility, or an office park, you know the importance (and the hassles) of achieving quality building maintenance and services. When everything works as expected, you and your customers feel more comfortable in your space.

We specialize in taking care of every square foot of your property. Our well-trained and experienced team will perform the services you need, exceeding your expectations and freeing you to focus on your business.

Commercial Services

Vann Jordan, inc. helps you achieve a high standard level of maintenance through the following services.

Contracted Consultant

Instead of going through a risky and lengthy hiring process, have a Vann Jordan facilities manager on your team that:

  • Has access to an array of vendors across the nation
  • Provides you with a Vann Jordan Facilities Audit on your properties on a routine basis
  • Assists in building and maintaining a maintenance budget
  • Helps organize your facility’s needs by publishing a priority list

Preventive Maintenance Program

We wish we could eliminate the word repair from your facilities. Unfortunately we can’t promise that, but we can assist in eliminating as many reactive maintenance tasks as possible by making sure all the assets within your properties are maintained appropriately.

We do this by helping your team create a strict preventive maintenance program, and creating guidelines to make sure the program is adhered to.

Project Management

Let Vann Jordan manage large projects to help upgrade properties while you work on more important tasks. We can oversee complex renovations from design conception to punchlist. We can oversee architects, expeditors and the entire rollout process.

We ensure that the project timeline is being followed and the agreed-upon deadlines are met. We coordinating with contractors to ensure that they do what is expected of them and, most importanly, manage the overall budget of the project and monitor spending.

Reactive Maintenance Repairs

Let Vann Jordan handle the stress of the worst part of being a property or facilities manager – distress calls of things breaking. Vann Jordan has a great team of professional trades experienced in:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • and more

How Can We Help You Today

If you’re ready to move forward, or just want more information, the first step is to get a no-obligation consultation to go over your business needs.

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